Full-service Advisory Based in Jakarta, Indonesia
Galveston Wealth is a full service financial advisory company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The company was established by a group of professionals seeking to cater to a burgeoning demand for high quality bespoke financial services from the expatriate community and high net worth families in the region. We have accumulated a wealth of knowledge through extensive working experience in the international equities, commodities, fixed income and futures markets.

Galveston Means Ironclad Security Protocols
With a strict policy of protocol and procedure Galveston can ensure all clients are in safe hands when engaging and executing trades regardless of the market location. Galveston’s goal is to provide insight and knowledge to every client in a transparent and efficient manner. All Galveston traders, analysts, brokers and advisors are fully trained to adhere to the strict policies and procedures set in place by the in-house team of managers and compliance. When it comes to savvy investment solutions with Galveston, you are in safe hands.

Real-time Market Intelligence Distinguishes Galveston Wealth
Due to a vast international network of professional and trading partners Galveston is able to offer their clients current research and information on special situations that are unfolding not just in the Asia Pacific region but globally. Galveston has worked for many years with professional and trading partners all over the world.

When it comes to market forces Galveston has its finger on the pulse. The key to success in the global markets is information. Without access to up to date and accurate information investors are faced with a series of challenges when it comes to selecting the appropriate holdings for their portfolio. Galveston has access to information and a team of analysts and traders to examine, assess and when necessary execute trades according to the outcome of this data research.

The Galveston team is constantly looking at the global markets from a micro and macro viewpoint using quantitative and qualitative exploratory research methods to survey their findings. Galveston uses only high quality technology and trading platforms to execute trades so clients can ensure they receive the best price possible on both the buy and sell side.